Tracing Board Lecture 14.9.17

Sometime, sadly, a Lodge might not have a candidate. While not a desirable state of affairs, it does not mean that there need be no Masonic activity for the day.

Erdemont Mark was in just this position on 14 September 2017. With no candidate, our very own WBro Michael Plant, a member of the Provincial Grand Master's Demonstration Team, stepped up and delivered the lecture on the Mark Tracing Board. The excellent manner of the presentation clearly deomnstrated WBro Michael's knowledge and, of course, the hard work he has put in to learning the lecture and making sure he retains the information.

Following on from the Installation meeting of the Royal Ark Mariner Lodge, this was an excellent way for everyone to relax, learn and ease our way towards the Festive Board.

Many thanks to WBro Michael, pictured below right, with our current Worshipful Master, WBro George Delves (left)