First Meeting

On February 14 2013, the Erdemont Royal Ark Mariner Lodge held its first meeting. Needless to say, this was a proud and special moment for the Founders and particularly the Primus Commander. WBro Tom Quinn, who conducted an excellent ceremony of Elevation!

WBro Tom felt it right to mark the occasion by supplying a cake adorned with the Lodge crest. As can be seen from the picture below, it was a pity to cut the cake and spoil the look but the desire to eat, coupled with the sparkling wine provided by WBro Tom, overcame any such finer feelings!


As soon as the meeting ended, the brethren repaired to the dining room, where the wine flowed and the cake was cut. Such an event could not pass without a picture being taken for posterity.

Please click on the thumbnail image to the left to see a full size image of this auspicious event.