Silver Pin Success!

WBro Tom Quinn

The Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Degrees are well known for the beauty and meaning of their ritual.

As an encouragement to maintain a high standard, a Silver Pin of Excellence is awarded to Masters and Commanders, who perform an Advancement or Elevation to the required high standard. Details can be found on the Provincial website here. As can be seen, obtaining a silver pin is a rare achievement.

It is, therefore, with much joy that the Lodge can announce that, at the Mark meeting on 11 September 2014, WBro Tom Quinn, a ritualist of much renown, performed just such an Advancement ceremony and will receive his silver pin of excellence at the Provincial meeting on Saturday  27 September.

This is a tremendous achievement and demonstrates WBro Tom's ability as well as reflecting the standards set by Erdemont Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Lodges.

Many congratulations, WBro Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!